The transport sector has a number of specific characteristics. These include:

  • tariffs;
  • diesel clauses;
  • VAT and foreign excise duties;
  • specific partnerships;
  • legislation and regulations with respect to requesting or extending NIWO transport operator licences;
  • financing of transport units such as financial or operational lease;
  • fiscal legislation and regulations within this sector.

To comply with specific legislation and regulations as an operator within the transport sector, it is a primary requirement that the operator’s adviser and accountant have proper understanding of this industry.

At Van der Meer Accountants & Adviseurs, this knowledge is bundled in a separate department of specialists: the Transport AdviesGroep. We are familiar with the specific issues facing the transport sector. We can advise you across a number of areas, and we know how to present everything in the accounts.

We are delighted to make this specialism available to you.