Van der Meer Accountants is one of the few SME practices in Groningen with an AFM licence. This licence authorises us to issue an audit report to a small or medium size enterprise.
The following enterprises are required by law to be audited:

  • >6 million balance sheet total,
  • >12 million turnover,
  • >50 employees
  • with two of these three criteria for two consecutive years.

With the routine we have developed with statutory audits and continuous monitoring of these by the AFM, we have a wealth of experience in conducting (efficient) audits. In addition to statutory audits, we also conduct voluntary audits as prescribed by a competent body (subsidy provider) or professional group.

Audits are performed by employees with many years of experience and by accountants with ultimate responsibility who form part of the audit team as a joint foreman. The audit staff concerned are also involved in the composition of customer assemblies, and are accustomed to taking a practical approach and delivering added value.